"Think Outside the Line"

At CAD Enhancement, we're experts at a lot of things: CAD drafting, implementation, even programming with the latest .NET platform. But most of all, we are experts in making your business run better through whatever means necessary to optimize the way you use CAD and other related technology.

Let CAD Enhancement help you ‘Think Outside the Line’ to get the most out of your CAD investment with:

.NET Programming
CAD Enhancement, Inc. customizes all major Autodesk platforms—AutoCAD, Revit, and Inventor—to meet the unique needs of your company. No project is too big or too small.

Revit Consulting
You could be missing out on market share by not having your products available in the latest Revit® platform. Let CAD Enhancement transform your CAD data into designer-friendly Revit® "Families."
Contact us about automatically creating Revit Families

Inventor Consulting
Make the most of your investment in the powerful Inventor platform. CAD Enhancement, Inc. helps companies transition from CAD—including legacy 3D platforms like Mechanical Desktop—to true Parametric Modeling. We offer project support, design/drafting support, pilot project management, and extensive customization.

Data Management Consulting
For a data management solution that works seamlessly in your business, CAD Enhancement, Inc. offers custom programming (on the .NET platform) and data migration services.

Outsourced CAD Drafting
Need additional staff? Extend your in-house resources while keeping overhead at a minimum. CAD Enhancement, Inc. offers on-demand staffing services that, as needed, can offer you the skills required to complete onsite or offsite projects.
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Migration Feasibility & Implementation
Whether moving to a new CAD platform or considering a transition from a 2D into a 3D environment, let CEI deliver an objective perspective on ROI analysis. We will work to understand your business, then offer honest advice on technology changes that may, or may not, be prudent for your business.

AutoCAD Consulting
From professional consulting to on-site drafting, CAD Enhancement, Inc. can fill short-term project-based needs and deliver long-term productivity. We offer advanced AutoCAD customization on the .NET platform, content creation using the latest dynamic block capabilities, as well as affordable project-by-project drafting/design services.

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